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Indianapolis Colts @ Tennessee Titans Predictions


The Titans went through about 2 years where they didn't play any important games. That has changed. Hopefully this is going to be a year full of important games.

The Titans are going to come out on a mission Sunday. It is their first home game, and they are taking on the defending Super Bowl Champions. The place should be rocking. The Titans know they still have a lot to prove. If they can come out an hit the Colts in the mouth like they did the Jaguars last Sunday it will go a long way towards proving to every one that they are back. It might even make the folks at that other SB Nation site give the Titans some respect. It probably won't, but maybe.

I think the game on Sunday will be a fairly low scoring affair. The Titans are going to grind it out like they did last week. They will stay patient on offense and defense which will frustrate the Colts.

The rushing attack will have another 200+ yard week. LenDale White will probably end up with more yards this week because his style of running matches up better against this defense. He will have his first career 100 yard rushing day. Chris Brown will chip in with another 50-60 yards.

Vince Young is going to have his best day as an NFL QB. He will pass for 200+ yards and run for another 50.

The defense will give up some yards to Peyton Manning but Antwan Odom and Kyle Vanden Bosch are going to get after him all day. He will be picking himself up off the field more than he is used too. Peyton will end up with just under 300 yards but only 1 TD.

Joseph Addai will have a tougher game than he did last week. He might get a short TD run, but he will rush for less than 100 yards. He will learn very quickly who Albert Haynesworth is. That other site said that Haynesworth isn't any good. We will see if he still has that opinion after this game.

This will be a game that comes down to the wire. I think Rob Bironas will win it with a late field goal. Hopefully it will be from less than 60 yards so it actually counts. Colts 20 Titans 23. Give me your predicted score and some things you think will happen.