Hey, I got your attention! Now, before you flame me I feel the need to explain myself. Contrary to popular belief, I don't think Vince Young "stinks." I think he has tremendous talent and ability. I just feel that Vince has a hard time throwing the football from the pocket with accuracy, and such a weakness is a death knell for QBs. Yes, Vince has helped win some games for the Titans. He's gotten the fans excited, and that's great. However, if Vince doesn't show he can make those throws, this is a doomed season and a doomed team. Michael Vick couldn't make them. Byron Leftwich couldn't make them. Look what happened to them.

Certainly, Vince has the capacity to learn this. He's big, strong, and has all the physical tools to become a great QB. However, after watching several Titans games last year and two this year, it's pretty clear Vince ain't learned a thing. He's making his first read, and if that first read is covered, he starts running.

Not good.

I know fans like to see Vince run, and you all think Vince running is as dangerous as Peyton throwing. Atlanta fans thoguht the same thing. Vikings fans too. A running QB is a dead man walking folks.

I think it is very likely that vince will develop the necessary skills to play QB in the NFL. It might happen this year. It might begin this Sunday against Indy. When he starts doing it, you'll see me proclaim that Vince Young has arrived as a QB. However, right now, he's pretty terrible as a QB. Any moron can win a game when his team generates 282 rushing yards from his RBs and can hold the opposition to 10 or fewer points, unless of course his name is Rex Grossman.

Just wanted to clarify my stance on Vince. I make fun of him a lot because... well, he's done some stupid things. But that doesn't mean I think he will stink.

Looking forward to Sunday's game. Go Colts!