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Touring the Power Rankings

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It is time to take a look at where the so-called experts think the Titans rank against the other teams of the NFL.

14. Titans
Travis Who? (OK, we suspect we're not the only ones to have written that since Sunday). The Titans lost 1,200-yard rusher Travis Henry, but Chris Brown took up the slack with a career-high 175 yards in a win over the Jags.

14. Titans
Much was made of the loss of running back Travis Henry. Losing a 1,200-yard rusher to free-agency and replacing him with the Chris Brown/Lendale White/Chris Henry trio was considered a major downgrade. Sure enough, Tennessee finished with 282 yards rushing -- a franchise record -- on Sunday afternoon in Jacksonville. Chris Brown gashed the Jaguars for 175 yards, while LenDale White ripped off 66 on 18 carries. Jacksonville was the big favorite coming into Sunday's contest. Didn't matter. The lesson, as always? Never, ever, ever question Vince Young.

13. Titans
Running the option looks like the only option the Titans have.

16. Titans
If the Titans display the kind of run blocking they used to run over Jacksonville to the tune of 282 yards, they'll upset a lot of teams in 2007, just like in 2006. Before you know it, the wins will no longer be considered upsets... In fact, going back to last season the Titans have won 7 or their last 8 games. Their only loss in that stretch? New England!

10. Titans
Welcome back, Chris Brown! No wonder Tennessee dumped Travis Henry like yesterday's trash. All Brown did was rush for 175 yards and almost 10 yards per carry against one of the league's premiere defenses in Jacksonville. Nice road win (against a division rival) for the Titans.


16. Titans
They pounded a good Jacksonville defense, which is impressive. But the best sign is how well the Titans defense played.

21. Titans
Titans outlast Jags on the road in an ugly win, as Vince Young runs for the winning score. Chris Brown runs for a career-high 175 yards against what was supposed to be a stout defense.

That averages out to 14.9.  It will be fun to see how high the Titans shoot up these rankings with a win over the Colts on Sunday.  Of course, my favorite line of the summaries comes from Fox Sports, "The lesson, as always? Never, ever, ever question Vince Young."