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Have I Ever Mentioned I Love Vince Young?

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Vince Young spent over an hour signing autographs on the day when it was his turn.   Here is his reason:

"The fans mean a lot to me," Young said. "They put in blood and shed tears just like we shed tears. Most of those guys out there [at practice] probably don't have a chance to get a ticket to the game.
"I've been there as a kid, trying to get that autograph, hanging out [for] Earl Campbell and all those guys on the Oilers. I've been that kid. I wanted to take time out because they've been sitting out there in the heat and I wanted to make sure they did get an autograph." What was the oddest item he signed? "I saw a bobblehead doll [of me] about the size of Pacman. That was pretty cool to see that," Young said with a laugh.
Who is this Pacman he speaks of? It is awesome that a big star like Vince doesn't let the success go to his head.

Albert Haynesworth has missed a lot of time in camp but was able to practice some yesterday.  He hopes to be able to go on Saturday:

"I got a little sore,'' Haynesworth said. "But I am working through it and hopefully on Saturday I'll be fine and dandy.''
Haynesworth showed up to camp right in the weight range where the Titans wanted him.  Hopefully he will be able to work through the soreness and have a huge year.

Here is the list of players who missed practice yesterday.

Defensive ends Travis LaBoy (hamstrings) and Josh Savage (ankle), defensive tackle Rien Long (rest), receivers Roydell Williams (hamstring/ groin) and Jonathan Orr (leg), offensive linemen David Stewart (shoulder), Benji Olson (back) and Mike Otto (knee), tight end Jamie Petrowski (legs), cornerbacks Reynaldo Hill (rest) and Andre Woolfolk (hamstring) did not practice Wednesday morning.
I wish that we could get LaBoy, Roydell Williams, and Woolfolk on the field once.  The biggest name on that list is David Stewart.  It doesn't appear that his injury is very significant though.

There was a BET camera crew following Ahmard Hall at practice yesterday.  They are going to do a story on him that focuses on his time in the Marines.  That is awesome.  No one on this team deserves more praise that Ahmard Hall.  He put his life on the line for our freedom.  Hopefully it will be a good piece that shows him the honor he deserves.

Jim Wyatt has an outstanding article on Ketih Bulluck in today's Tennessean.  Bulluck is one of the most underrated players in the league.  Bulluck should start to get more of the attention he deserves this year as the Titans are pushing to make the playoffs.