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Pick The Titans Record Competition and Fantasy Football

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I gave this a shot earlier but here goes again.  We are going to have a competition here at MCM to see who can most closely perdict what the Titans are going to do this season.  Email me (you can use the Email Jimmy link on the side) what you think the Titans record will be and the total points you think they will score this season.  The winner will get a $25 gift card to Outback.

We currently have 1 spot available for the MCM fantasy league.  If you are interested in that 1 spot please send me an email at the above mentioned link.  The first email I get will get the spot.

Lastly, Jessica Hopp is now white's favorite reporter for The Tennessean.  She has an article this morning about the Titans' defensive ends.  That is a lovely article but the Titans desperately need defensive line help.  There is no depth at tackle or end.