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Packers @ Titans Recap

It is always nice to have a winning preseason.  I know that ultimately it means nothing, but it might give the team a little bit of momentum going into Jacksonville.  

The game last night went pretty much as expected.  Brett Favre only played a couple of series.  He pretty much picked the Titans apart in the first series that ended with a 6 yard TD pass to Noah Herron.  On the TD drive, Favre threw a lot of quick hitters that were turned into big plays because the Titans missed tackles.  

The defense settled in after that first drive.  The front 4 continued to get pressure and play well against the run.  Again, the run defense didn't really get tested as Vernand Morency and Brandon Jackson both sat out.  They did hold rookie DeShawn Wynn under 3 yards per carry.

Reynaldo Hill got his first start of the preseason and looked bad.  He started for Harper who sat out the game with an upper leg injury.  Finnegan started on the other side.  If Hill didn't have extensive experience he would be in danger of getting cut.  He will be kept though because he has played so much.

Michael Griffin didn't see action until the 2nd half.  He looked good again.  He is one of the best tacklers the Titans have, and his ball skills are getting better every week.  I won't be surprised if he starts against the Jags.  I also won't be surprised if he doesn't.

Calvin Lowry got the start at free safety.  I think the most telling sign that the job is Lowry's is the fact that Lamont Thompson was on the field the entire 2nd half.  Don't be surprised if the Titans end up cutting Lamont.

The first team offense looked good again last night.  Vince Young had a fairly efficient night going 11 of 16 for 95 yards and 1 TD.  He also ran for a score.  The only bad play Young made last night was not tucking the ball away when getting sacked.  The ball popped out and right into the hands of Packers' rookie DT Justin Harrell who ran it in for a TD.  I think Vince is right where he needs to be.

LenDale White will be this team's starting RB.  He ran well again last night gaining 58 yards on 15 carries.  White will be the horse for this team.  The best thing LenDale did last night was on Vince's TD run.  He pancacked a Packers' safety that allowed Vince to get into the endzone.  The whole team went crazy for him when that happened.  He has earned back the trust he lost by coming to the OTAs overweight.

Chris Brown did a good job spelling him again last night.  He had 42 yards on 7 carries.  If White and Brown can both stay healthy, this team is going to have a really good rushing attack.  Brown will excel in a roll where he only has to carry the ball 8-10 times a game.  It will allow him to stay fresh.  He comes in with a great burst when he is fresh.

Chris Henry looked like a project again last night.  He just has to see the field better.  All he did last night was take the ball and run straight into the backs of his lineman.  He doesn't see the creases that are open to either side.  I am not ready to say that he isn't going to be a good player, but the Titans could have used that pick better.

None of the receivers really did anything last night to play themselves on or off the roster.  It is going to be really interesting to see if the Titans go with 6 or 7 receivers and who those guys will be.  I really think Roby is out.  Ealy and Gage are on the bubble, but my gut says that if they only keep 6 Ealy is out.  They will try to add Ealy to the practice squad if no one picks him up.

The most impressive player of last night's game was rookie receiver Chris Davis.  He probably won the punt return job last night.  Davis seems to have a good understanding of how to get positive yards on a punt return.  The coaches have been a little upset with Cortland Finnegan because he tries to hit the home run everytime.  A lot of times that results in him running around for a few seconds and then losing 3 or 4 yards.  Davis understands the one cut and go.  He had a 70 yard return for a TD last night and another 12 yard return.  He also made a nice move on a reverse that was good for 18 yards.

Now the preseason has come to an end.  We have some things to feel good about and some things to work on.  All in all it was a positive preseason.  It is time to get ready for Jacksonville.  Keep your eyes on the cuts made around the league this weekend.  The Titans could make some interesting moves in the next couple of days.