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Tennessee Titans Friday Morning Notes

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This morning we start with a new reason to love Vince Young.  When he throws a pick in practice, he always goes and tries to learn.  I just love the fact that he doesn't have to much pride to admit that he is still learning.  It would be real easy for him to be cocky in what he has accomplished so far.  The think about Vince is he won't feel that he has accomplished anything until he wins a Super Bowl.

Fisher downplayed the Titans' interest in Simeon Rice yesterday.  He said if they do bring him in it will be just for a physical.  I still believe there is a lot of interest in Rice but Fisher is just trying to downplay it publicly.

Tonight's Inside Training Camp on the NFL Network will feature an hour from the Titans' Thursday afternoon practice.

It appears that Cortland Finnegan is indeed the leader in the clubhouse to return punts and kicks.  While he does not have the shiftiness that last year's returner did, most believe that he is just as fast, if not faster.

Don't forget that former Titan Bruce Matthews will be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame tomorrow night.  

Update [2007-8-3 11:5:7 by Jimmy]:Terry McCormick is reporting that Simeon Rice is in Nashville this morning. I told you Fisher was just playing it off.