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What is Going to Happen at Receiver?

I thought I had the receivers figured out.  I just figured after Gage missed the first week or so of camp that he would be cut.  Courtney Roby had a great first week of camp, so he was a lock to make the roster.  That made things look pretty easy.  The Titans usually keep 6 receivers.  It was pretty easy to see that the 6 would be Eric Moulds, Brandon Jones, Courtney Roby, Roydell Willaims, Paul Williams and Chris Davis.

Since then there have been a few monkey wrench's thrown in the system.  Justin Gage has played really well in the preseason games.  Courtney Roby has all but disappeared.  Then there is the wild card in the whole equation, Biren Ealy.  It is a fairly universal practice to hide guys in the 3rd preseason game that you like but just aren't going to make your roster.  You cut those guys, hope no one picks them up and then add them to your practice squad.  Keeping those guys off the field keeps other teams from seeing what they can do.

If you watched the game Friday night you know the Titans did anything but hide Biren Ealy.  He played a lot in the 2nd half and made a nice TD catch.  I think he is going to make the team.  Frank Wycheck agrees with me.  He was talking this morning about how high the coaches are on Ealy.  They are saying that he is further along at this point than Drew Bennett was.

If the Titans are set on keeping Ealy, I don't see how they can keep less than 7 receivers.  They aren't going to cut Moulds, Jones, R. Williams, P. Williams, or Davis.  I don't think they can cut Gage.  If they keep Ealy that is 7 and Roby is out.  That is how I see it playing out.  What do you think?