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Michael Griffin Works with the Starters and Corey Simon Visits

Michael Griffin got to run with the ones yesterday in practice.  Unfortunately it meant that Cortland Finnegan was bumped to working with the twos.  Nick Harper was the Titans' biggest offseason acquisition so someone is going to have to far and away beat him out.  However, I am officially starting the Finnegan/Griffin '07 campaign.  Both guys are playmakers and that is what you need at corner.  Who is with me?

Terry McCormick is reporting that Corey Simon visited the Titans yesterday.  Simon was realeased earlier in the preseason by the Colts.  He has had a lot of health problems over the last couple of years but was a 1st round draft pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 2000.  If he is healthy and will come in for a reasonable price, I am all for it.  The Titans desperately need depth on the defensive line.