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Tennessee Titans Starters After Preseason Game #2

It is going to be fun to look back at the projections when the season starts and see how all over the map they were.  The one major thing that changed for me is that I have no idea who the starting running back wil be.  LenDale White didn't play Friday night and his status for this week is uncertain because his knee is hurt in addition to his ankle.  If he can't get on the field this week I don't think he will start in week 1.

The Titans are going to have to start someone at running back.  Chris Henry got his chance to run with the ones on Friday night.  It was pretty clear to me that he isn't ready.  He runs hard and has a good burst, but he still doesn't see the field very well.  He missed a lot of holes on Saturday night.  

Chris Brown did look good running with the twos.  It is hard to know exactly what that means though as Henry looked like a completely different back from week 1 to week 2.  The only thing that changed was the caliber of the defense he was running against.  I still don't think Brown is the answer for this team.

Did anyone watch the game long enough to see Dontrell Moore run the ball?  I do realize he was running against guys who are not likely to be on NFL rosters, but he looked really good.  He is a stout guy at 5-9 208.  He showed good vision, burst and awareness in the time he was on the field.  Has he done enough to make the roster?  Probably not because of what they have invested in the 3 other guys.  I would love to see him at least kept on the practice squad.  It would be a shame to see him tearing it up for some other NFL team.

The other interesting spot is at corner.  I thought coming out of camp the starters would be Nick Harper and Reynaldo Hill.  Now I am not sure that either of them will be the starters.  I think Finnegan has done enough to be the starter in week 1.  The question is can Griffin push for Harper's spot.  He looked really good against New England.  While I don't think he will be starting in week 1, I do think he will be starting before the season is over.

Well there are my thoughts from what happened Friday night.  I didn't see anything else from the game to change the starters I posted here.