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It Is Official: This is Vince Young's Team

Keith Bulluck has been the leader of this team for the past few years.  He is the guy that you will always see getting everyone else fired up.  He had this to say about the altercation from yesterday's practice between Vince and Donnie Nickey (hat tip to gramsey for the quote):

"It was good for whoever was out here to see that, to know what type of leader we have at the quarterback position. When I saw him run out there I said, 'There goes the little skinny boy.' They did something to irk him and he didn't like to see his teammates on that side of the ball get knocked around."
That is an all-pro veteran acknowledging that this is a second year player's team.  I know about all of the guys the Titans lost in the offseason.  I know about all of the questions that the team has on both sides of the ball, but I believe this is going to be a special season.  Vince has that quality that makes everyone around him better.  LenDale White will be a better running back because Vince is his quarterback.  Vince will make all of the receivers better.  

The Titans will make the playoffs this year.  Book it!!  A lot of people are going to laugh at me for saying that.  I believe it though.  This team doesn't look that good on paper, but as Kenny Mayne says, "Games aren't played on paper.  They are played inside TV sets."