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Titans @ Patriots Recap

As I mentioned in the comments of the game thread, it always nice to get a preseason win under your belt.  Even though wins and losses are by no means the most important thing in the preseason, a winless preseason can demoralize a team.  The Titans won on the final scoreboard but lost the battle of the first teams.

The Good

Cortland Finnegan.  The kid makes plays.  I don't know how he wouldn't be considered the starter opposite Nick Harper even when Reynaldo Hill is healthy.  He has played great in the preseason, including his INT return for a touchdown last night.

Michael Griffin.  Griffin looks like this corner thing is really suiting him.  He had a really nice pick last night that he took away from a Patriots' receiver.  He also had another pick off of a tipped ball.  He has the athleticism and instincts to be a corner.  What if the starting corners end up being Griffin and Finnegan?  I know it is going to happen at first, but I think it is a scenario that could play out.

Chris Brown.  Brown looked really good last night.  I know he was in the exact same role last week as Chris Henry was when everyone was pretty impressed.  Brown did show a burst last night that was refreshing to see, even if it was against twos and threes.

Kerry Collins.  Again, I know it wasn't against guys that will be playing on Sundays, but he proved to me he can throw the ball.  I wasn't sure how he would do on a college team before last night.  I still don't want him in the game ever, but I feel a little bit better after last night.

The Bad

Vince Young.  Look, everyone knows I am one of the biggest Vince fans out there, but he was bad last night.  5-17 is not going to get it done.  I am not worried about it all.  It was his first game action and the condition weren't ideal for throwing the ball.  He will be just fine.

The entire first team offense.  They just weren't able to get anything going on the ground or in the air.  Chris Henry ran the ball hard at times but there weren't a lot of holes there.  He also missed some holes at times.

The first team defense.  They gave up way to many points for a half.  They also looked terrible against the screen plays.  If the Patriots would have run a screen every play I don't think the Titans would have ever stopped. them.

It is still early.  There is plenty of times for all of this to get fixed.  At least it wasn't last year's 2nd preseason game at Denver.  That was really bad.  I think the team is making progress and will play a lot better against Buffalo next week.