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Pete Prisco Knocks Vince Young and Other Titans Notes

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Aren't you tired of only having Merril Hoge to hate?  I know I am.  Well, now we can put Pete Prisco's picture up next to Hoge's on the dart board.  In his series, 5 Things to Know, he takes some shots at Vince Young.  Here is the part that makes me curious:

The Titans allowed Steve McNair to get away with a lot of things when he was the quarterback. He was never the hardest worker, according to team insiders. Young has that same reputation, so he has to nip it in the bud. Young has to take more pride in working to be a better player. It takes hard work. It takes time. Some Titans insiders insist that his success -- overrated at that -- last season as a rookie could be a bad thing. Cockiness and arrogance are how great talents never reach their potential. Here's hoping Young comes to his senses.
Ok, even though I do write some for the site, I am by no means a "Titans Insider."  I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors at Baptist Sports Park.  I do, however, listen to about 6 hours a day of local sports talk and read pretty much everything written locally about the Titans.  I have never heard or read anything about Vince being lazy.  I know he missed a flight last year and left the team hotel Friday night.  Does that make him lazy?  I don't think so.  It just makes him a 2nd year guy who still has some maturing to do.  It is just interesting that an out-of-town guy can be here for a couple of days and walk away with this as fact.

This is the sentence that really gets me:

Young has to take more pride in working to be a better player. It takes hard work. It takes time.
Now I see why that guy gets paid the big bucks.  No one else realizes that it takes hard work and time to be a better player.  Didn't Vince fly some receivers to Houston for offseason work?  Everything that has been written about him in camp is that he is constantly trying to learn.  I think this guy is way off.  I have emailed Terry McCormick and John McClain to see what they think about this.  I will let you know.  (Thanks to Jim Bleeg for tipping me off on this article)

Rookie defensive end Jacob Ford is out for the year with a torn achillies.  The Titans biggest offseason need was defensive line help.  They spent 2 picks on the D line and now both guys are out for the season.  The Titans did add DE Jason Hall, who Carolina waived earlier in the week.  Hall was the defensive MVP of NFL Europe this year where he recorded 12 sacks.  He is from Chattanooga and played college ball at the University of Tennessee.

Keith Bulluck is looking forward to playing this week against the Patriots.  I know you have tried to block out last year's week 17 game against the Patriots as I have, but you might remember the Patriots calling a pass play late on the goal line so Old Man River could throw a TD.  Bulluck certainly remembers:

"I hope his old (butt) is out there.
Bulluck also wants a piece of Reche Caldwell:
"It is only a preseason game, but No. 87 (Caldwell) needs to keep his head on a swivel, that's all I've got to say.''
This game makes me a little nervous because the Patriots are going to be looking for revenge for the hit Bobby Wade put on Rodney Harrison in that game.  I just hope the cheap shots don't get out of control and put someone out for the season.  The Patriots are a dirty team to begin with, but they are flat out dangerous when they have a score they are trying to settle.

Bulluck also got a shot in on Vince Young yesterday.  Young gave a $10,000 check yesterday to three different charities yesterday, The Pencil Foundation, the Keith Bulluck Believe and Achieve Foundation and the Tennessee Titans Foundation.  While Young was giving the check for the Titans Foundation to Mike Reinfeldt, Bulluck joked, "They didn't even put you in the game and you're writing them a check.''

I know I promised a rant on Drew Bennett yesterday that I never produced.  It will come today.  After that we are going to need some positive stories though because this has been an angry site for a couple of days.