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Drew Bennett Rant

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Did Drew Bennett really mean this like it sounded?

"In Tennessee I was frustrated in the games when we weren't moving the football and I still wasn't getting the looks," Bennett says. "It wasn't, 'OK, let's try to go to Drew here.' That was never the picture."
I always liked Drew Bennett while he was here.  He seemed to be a nice guy.  I don't understand why he would say something like this now that he is gone.  Look, Bennett is a nice NFL receiver.  I was always quick to defend him when people were calling him Butterfingers Bennett, but the fact of the matter is he dropped a lot of passes while he was here.  A lot of times the Titans not being able to move the ball was a direct product of the Titans "trying to go to Drew here," and him dropping a pass.  A big play that is just missed will kill a drive in a hurry.  Bennett killed his fair share of drives while he was here.

Here is the other quote from the same article that makes me mad:

"When I came here, it was the first time I got to sit down with the head coach, on any level," Bennett says.  "It was the first time people wanted me, and it was a strange feeling."
The Titans didn't want you Drew?  I am pretty sure there were 31 other NFL teams that didn't want you.  That is why you were undrafted.  The Titans obviously wanted you as they signed you after the draft.  The obviously wanted you when they gave you a nice contract extension, and even traded a promising receiver in Justin McCareins, so they could keep you on the roster.

I still wish Drew Bennett the best in St. Louis.  I just wish he would shut up and play football.