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Today's Tennessee Titans Starting Lineup

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White asked me in the comments for this morning's post what my starting lineup would be if the season started today.  I thought this would be a fun activity for all of us.  Here goes mine:

QB- Vince Young
RB- LenDale White
FB- Ahmard Hall
WR- Brandon Jones
T- Michael Roos
G- Benji Olson
C- Kevin Mawae
G- Jacob Bell
T- David Stewart
TE- Bo Scaife
WR- Eric Moulds

DE- Kyle Vanden Bosch
DT- Albert Haynesworth
DT- Randy Starks
DE- Antwan Odom
OLB- Keith Bulluck
MLB- Ryan Fowler
OLB- David Thornton
CB- Nick Harper
CB- Cortland Finnegan
FS- Calvin Lowry
SS- Chris Hope

There you have it.  Agree or disagree?  Leave your starters in the comments.