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Tennessee Titans Monday Morning Notes

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Vince Young, who was suspended Saturday night for missing curfew, will not play any extra in this week's game against the Patriots to make up for lost time.  Fisher has said he has nothing else to say on the subject.  It really isn't that big of a deal.  I am 100% sure that if Saturday night's game was a regular season game Young would have been fined and not suspended.  The thing that sucks for us as Titans fans is that we have to wait one more week to really see where the offense is.

The running back battle is going to continue to be wide open.  Chris Henry looked the best of the 3 Saturday night, but he didn't face the best defensive players or fronts that Washington had to offer.  I liked the way he ran the ball.  He had a burst that the other 2 didn't appear to have.  I really think in week 1 we will see Henry backing up LenDale.  

Chris Brown looked just like I remembered him.  Brown doesn't create a lot.  If the line gives him a hole he will get a big gain.  If there is no hole there he is just going to tip toe around and fall down.  The other problem with Brown is that he doesn't break tackles.  I just don't think that he gives the Titans the best shot to have a viable running attack.

It appears that everyone who missed Saturday night's game has a chance to play Friday, with the exception of Andre Woolfolk.  It is good that at this point in camp the injuries are so minimal.  Hopefully that will keep up throughout the season.