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Titans vs. Redskins Recap

This game wasn't as exciting as most of us hoped it would be because of the suspension of Vince Young.  Apparently he stayed at home last night instead of staying at the team hotel.  Vince told Adam Schefter at halftime to tell all the kids out there to "obey the rules".  I think that means Vince will just put this behind him and come ready to work on Monday.

The offense obviously looked out of sync but that is to be expected when the starting QB is out.  Neither Chris Brown nor LenDale White ran the ball all that well tonight.  The best running back was Chris Henry.  He hit the holes hard and did a great job of bouncing it outside when there was nothing there.  He showed a burst that neither of the other guys seemed to have.  I would like to see him get some work with the first team in the next couple of games.  This running back competition is still wide open.

The worst thing about Vince not playing is we don't really know what we have from the receivers.  I was really looking forward to seeing where they have gotten thus far in camp.  Cortney Roby and Brandon Jones both had 3 catches so that is good. The guys that were calling the game for the NFL Network called Brandon Jones a disappointment.  I thought that was a little harsh.  He was having a good rookie season until he torn his ACL.  Everyone says it takes 2 years for receivers to completely come back.  Jones cannot be called a disappointment yet by any means.

The defensive line, which has taken much critcism this offseason, played extremely well tonight.  White's boy Antwan Odom was in the backfield all night long.  Fat Albert put a lot of pressure on Redskins' QB Jason Campbell as well.  The D line also did a great job against the run.  They made the Redskins offense look lost all night long.

Obviously the last minute of the game was not the way Fisher and company wanted it to end. The bottom line though is that the one's played pretty well. I think we should feel positive about what we saw tonight. There are still a lot of questions to be answered but it is also still very early.