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Charlie Casserly Faces His Biggest Mistake

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Charlie Casserly, formerly the GM of the Houston Texans and current analyst for CBS, was at Titans' practice yesterday.  Casserly will forever be known as the GM who passed on both Vince Young and Reggie Bush.  Good thing that practice was in Nashville and not Houston.  The report in the Tennessean said Vince showed no ill will towards Casserly.  Why would he?  Vince probably just thought, "I make you look really stupid every Sunday, and oh yeah, I am going to beat your former team every time I play them."

Casserly also reported that Fisher's contract extension was done last year in about week 11.  He was right on about that one as well.  I wonder why he isn't a GM anymore.

Here is yesterday's injury report:

Tight end Jamie Petrowski (legs), defensive end Travis LaBoy (hamstrings), guard Benji Olson (back), tackle Mike Otto (knee), cornerback Andre Woolfolk (hamstring), receiver Jonathan Orr (leg), receiver Roydell Williams (hamstring/groin), defensive end Nathaniel Adibi (hip), defensive end Josh Savage (ankle), defensive tackle Rien Long (rest), cornerback Michael Waddell (ankle) and tight end Ben Troupe (rest) did not practice on Thursday.

It appears that David Stewart was back on the field for yesterday's practice.  That is very encouraging news.

Fisher says he plans to play the starters 3 or 4 possesions against the Redskins tomorrow night.  He did not mention who the starters would be at any of the competitive positions.  He did say that he doesn't expect Otto, Olson, and Woolfolk to play.  That's not good for Andre.

There will be a lot more about tomorrow night's preseason opener later today and tomorrow.  I hope to be able to live blog during the game.  If you are going to be watching and be around a computer please join me.