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Eric Moulds Just Wants to Play Ball and Other Titans Notes

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I was really excited when the Titans signed Eric Moulds.  I read this article about him this morning and now am even more excited.  Here is all you really need to know:

When he signed a one-year deal with the Titans for the veteran minimum salary of $820,000, he told them he was more concerned with proving himself than proving his worth.

He didn't receive a signing bonus, nor was his contract filled with the incentives many players would expect or demand.

"I didn't want a signing bonus,'' said Moulds, a 12th-year veteran who is 347 receiving yards short of 10,000 for his career. "I just wanted a straight base (salary), and I just wanted to prove what I could do. I want to prove that I could still play and that I still have gas left in the tank. If I play well for them this year, maybe they'll want to sign me and bring me back.''

You always have to root for a guy that just wants to prove himself.  I am excited about what Moulds is going to bring to this team.  

This article has a picture of the Tyrone Prothro-esque catch that Cortney Roby made in yesterday's practice.  Roby is having a great camp.

That article also has an update on the progress of Michael Griffin at corner.  The coaches seem to think he is doing well, but he seems to be a little frustrated.

"I felt like I had a better practice in the afternoon," the first-round pick said. "There are a lot of things I need to learn and I am just trying to get it to the point where it just comes natural rather than think so much during the play ...

"In the morning I had play busts here and there. I was just getting frustrated with different things. There are a lot of expectations, I'm just trying to live up to the expectations, really, I'm just putting a lot of pressure on myself. Really, I need to just relax."

He seems to be committed to making the switch.  It would be real easy for a guy that was as good of a safety as Griffin to pout.  He's not doing that.  I think he will be a good corner.

Justin Gage might want to get himself on the field.  

"When he comes back he has to catch up and he has to make plays,'' Fisher said. "This is some valuable time he is missing.''
Gage is not a shoe in to make this roster.  He is going to have to prove he deserves a spot.  Look for him to be back on the field real soon.  Injuries seem to heal a little faster when the coach calls you out.  Just ask LenDale White.

Vince Young taped a 5 minute message for the current players of the Texas Longhorns after practice.  He encouraged them to enjoy their time in college and to finish school.

There is only one practice today and it is later this afternoon.  I am really excited about the way camp is going so far.  If somehow the Titans can land Simeon Rice, I am going to have a lot of faith in this team.