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Vince Young Lays the Smack on Donnie Nickey

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Things got a little spicy at Titans training camp today.  Vince Young took exception to what he preceived was a dirty hit that Donnie Nickey laid on Cortney Roby.  

A furious Young moved toward Nickey, hollering "Donnie, what the hell are you doing, quit that (expletive), man."

When Young got in range he threw a right hand that landed on the side of Nickey's helmet before teammates encircled them.

A melee insued that was eventually broken up.  Roby received attention from the medical staff but eventually returned to practice.  All was well as the team left the field at the end of practice.
After practice, Fisher talked with Nickey, Roby and Young. Hamming it up for photographers and TV crews as they left the field, Young hugged and kissed Nickey and gave a thumbs up to the crowd.
Jeff Fisher doesn't seem to worried about.  He did have the quote of the day though:
My preference is not to see my quarterback throwing punches with his throwing hand.
Thanks captain obvious.  This is why guys will run through a wall for Vince.  They know that even though he is a superstar he has there back.  He is not going to let stuff like that go.

I have some advice for Donnie Nickey.  Getting into a fight with The Franchise is not a good way to secure a spot on the roster.

Click here to see the video.