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It Is Time for the Tennessee Titans to Sign Jeff Fisher

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I don't often agree with David Climer, but this time I do.  He wrote a column yesterday about the time being now to do Fisher's extension.  This team has to many question marks to have  Fisher's contract negotiations hanging over its head.  I really don't understand what they are waiting for.  Fisher wants to be with the Titans and the Titans want Fisher to be there coach.  Make it happen.

I am afraid that the issue is Bud's cheapness.  Fisher is going to demand a salary near the top of all the NFL coaches.  I don't think Fisher would hesitate to enter coaching free agency if he feels that Bud is holding out on him.  That would be a nightmare for Titans fans.  We would probably see another Travis Henry situation.  Bud wouldn't want to overpay so he would make what he thought would be a "market value offer."  Someone will come along and offer him an extra $2 million a year, like the Broncos did with Henry and the Titans will be looking for a new coach.

I asked John McClain about it not too long ago and he says it will be done.  I know McClain is very much plugged in but the more time that passes the more nervous I get.  What do you think?  Is it time to get nervous or am I over-reacting?

Update [2007-7-9 11:32:21 by Jimmy]:I am now starting to get nervous. If you look at the rumor mill on they have a blurb about Fisher's contract negotiations. Apparently he is trying to get some leverage because he believes Reinfeldt is leaving and he wants to have more say in the next GM hire. Reinfeldt is a Bud guy. Thanks to Zack for the heads up.