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Where Does Titans Owner Bud Adams Rank?

As sports fans we love a good list.  Lists make for hours of fun whether you are putting them together or ripping them apart.  Michael Silver of has ranked the NFL owners from #1 to #32.  *Note to, it is ok to put more than 2 paragraphs on 1 page.  Navigating their website is really annoying.  He ranked Bud Adams #18 and had this to say about him:

Last year I ripped Adams for two things -- being on the verge of firing coach Jeff Fisher, and mandating the selection of Young with the No. 3 overall pick because of his ongoing feud with the city of Houston. Uh, let's see -- there's always his marvelous mane.

With Young emerging as a rookie standout and Fisher doing another stellar coaching job, the Titans nearly pulled off an unlikely playoff berth in '06, and both men are here to stay. Give Adams credit for getting rid of longtime general manager Floyd Reese, with whom Fisher had clashed for years, and replacing him with Mike Reinfeldt. But take away points for Adams' refusal to allow the team to spend a second consecutive training camp at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, Tenn., this summer because he didn't want to spend an extra $200,000.

I think it is a little to early to tell if getting rid of Reese for Reinfeldt should add points for Adams.  I will say this though, if he had to choose between keeping Fisher and keeping Reese, he absolutely made the correct choice.

Of course, Bob Kraft of the Patriots was #1.  As much as I hate the Patriots, I really cannot argue with that.  Anyone who can do what he has done in this day in age has to be the #1 owner.  The list does lose some credibility with the fact that Redskins owner Daniel Snyder was #5.  If spending money stupidly makes you a good owner, Snyder is your man.