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Why I Love Vince Young (Again)

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We are all fired up about training camp opening.  There hasn't been this much buzz around a Titans camp in a long time.  I just read this article in the Tennessean about how Vince opened camp.

As the Titans trickled into Baptist Sports Park on Thursday and Friday, each player found an envelope in his locker.

Each envelope contained a letter from Vince Young.

The second-year quarterback thanked teammates for backing him during an NFL offensive rookie of the year season that concluded with a Pro Bowl appearance, and expressed how good he felt about the Titans moving forward.

Vince also took it upon himself to get everyone fired up during the first practice.
He clapped animatedly. He scolded himself after one overthrow and put his hands on his helmet after another miss. He smiled after connecting with Courtney Roby on a perfect deep ball down the middle. He went out of his way to chat with receiver Justin Gage after throwing to someone else on a scramble.
On that pass to Roby, I was listening to the 106.7 on the way home from work.  They were out at camp, and they said Vince threw that pass 70 yards right on the money.  

This might be the thing that excited me the most about the whole article:

When he looks back at Young's rookie year, Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow said he tried too hard to jam a round peg into a square hole.

"We've got to fix it to match what 10 can do for you because 10 can do an awful lot of good things," Chow said. "The progressive-type reads ... I think now we're more into coverage recognition and then knowing where to go after you recognize the coverage."

It sounds like they are going to spend a lot of time in camp working on his pre-snap reads.  I cannot wait to see and offense that Norm Chow comes up with for Vince's strength.  What we saw him do last year is just the proverbial tip of the iceberg.