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Happy Training Camp Opening Day!!

Well yesterday I called for three things to happen.  Much like my senior year in baseball I was 0-3.  Today the charge shall once again be issued.  Today's To Do List:

  1. Sign Michael Griffin
  2. Sign Chris Henry
  3. Sign Coach Fisher
On a good news front, the Titans did agree to terms with 3rd round pick Paul Williams.  That leaves on Griffin and Henry without contracts.  Hopefully those will get done this morning.  

There has been some discussion about Simeon Rice getting cut in this diary by jtc2086.  As I mentioned there, I want to know more about this failed physical before commenting on whether or not we should take a look.  However, the folks over at Buc 'Em think he can still play and so does Simeon:

"I'm the most consistent thing they ever had in Tampa. I'm excited about the future, because I believe in me. I always bet on black, baby. The next step is to let my body heal up and then I'll be a maniac. I'm an ageless wonder."
Who doesn't want an ageless wonder on thier team. Hopefully Reinfeldt has already put a call in.

Also, make sure you look in the comments of the Eric Moulds post to see the video of FredEx.  If the Titans would have signed Freddie Mitchell I might have jumped into the Cumberland.  That guy is a whack job.

Enjoy the first day of the 2007 football season everyone.