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On The Eve Of Tennessee Titans Training Camp

There are 3 things that are very important today:

  1.  Signing Michael Griffin
  2.  Signing Chris Henry
  3.  Signing Coach Fisher
We need our top 2 picks to be in camp on time.  They have been saying all along that it won't be  a problem.  It is time to put the pen on the paper and go to work.

I doubt you have an announcement on Fisher today.  I think that will come early next week though.  John McClain is still confident that the deal will be done soon.  I just wish it would get done so I could stop worrying about it.

For any of you that will be attending training camp, here is the "Fan's Guide to Training Camp" courtesy of the official site.  I will hopefully be attending camp as a credentialed member of the media through a writing deal that I am working on.  There will be more details to come on that in the near future.

Enjoy the last day without football for a long time.  I am so excited I can barely sit still.  Let the Griffin, Henry, Fisher watch begin.