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Filed under: Ranks the Tennessee Titans Special Teams #4

This one shocked me more than any in the series.

4. Tennessee Titans
Tennessee's special teams are known for their fakes and different formations each week. Opposing coordinators have to be alert on every special-teams snap. The absence of Pacman Jones will hurt the return game. Although he's had issues off the field, Jones' special-teams contribution to the Titans was significant. The punt unit will motion the gunners to give them a free release and a better chance to cover Craig Hentrich's punts. Overall, the Tennessee special teams have been consistent for a number of years.
I do love watching the new punt formations each time the Titans punt.  It makes me less suicidal when the Titans just went 3 and out.  Fisher and Titans special teams coach Alan Lowry are very good at keeping opposing teams on their toes.

The reason that this suprises me so much is because the Titans don't have anyone on the roster than has had an return success in the NFL.  Special teams is obviously where the Titans will miss that aforementioned player the most.  He was a threat to go to the house every time he touched the ball.  I hope the Titans can find someone that has similar ability, but it isn't likely.