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Filed under: Ranks the Tennessee Titans Defensive Line #30

White is going to hit the roof. ranked the Titans' D Line 30th.

30. Tennessee Titans
The lack of production from the defensive line was one of the main reasons the Titans' defense ranked last in 2006. Defensive ends Kyle Vanden Bosch and Travis LaBoy have been solid but inconsistent performers. Vanden Bosch had a huge year in 2005 (12½ sacks and four forced fumbles) but came back down to earth in 2006. Backups Antwan Odom and Sean Conover appear to be average contributors at best. The defensive interior line is anchored by Randy Starks and Albert Haynesworth. Both Starks and Haynesworth have excellent size and power to stuff the run, but they show little ability to pressure the quarterback. It should be interesting to see how Haynesworth comes back from his 2006 suspension and how the fans react to his return. The Titans did invest two draft choices in defensive linemen, but a sixth-round pick (DE Jacob Ford) and fifth-rounder (DT Antonio Johnson) might not make much of a difference.
I don't necessarily agree with them calling Vanden Bosch inconsistent.  His numbers were down last year because opposing offensive lines didn't have to worry about anyone besides him.  

Maybe I am alone in this, but I am really excited about Jacob Ford.  I think he could come in and make some big contributions in obvious passing situations.