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Filed under: Ranks the Tennessee Titans Linebackers #15

I am a little confused by this one.

15. Tennessee Titans
Keith Bulluck is one of the best outside linebackers in the game today, but he doesn't consistently get the credit he deserves. He is a do-it-all type who makes a lot of plays in coverage and against the run. Tennessee has high hopes for Stephen Tulloch, who will start in the middle. He is a tough guy and should improve the run defense. David Thornton will start on the other side of Bullock. He isn't a great player, but is solid and athletic enough to run with tight ends and running backs in coverage. Depth across the board is an issue and there isn't anyone else on the depth chart who looks to be a competent starter.
I am surprised they are so sure Tulloch will be the starter.  Tulloch vs. Fowler is going to be one of the best battles of training camp.  
Also, I don't understand the statement that there isn't another competent starter on the roster.  Whoever loses the Tulloch vs. Fowler battle is a competent starter.  Gilbert Gardner, who the Titans signed from the Colts, is also a competent starter.  He is not a start but he can play in a limited roll.