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Filed under: Ranks the Tennessee Titans Offensive Line #14

Offensive line play is probably one of the hardest things in football to judge.  A good RB can make a bad line look good.  On the flip side, a bad RB can make a good offensive line look bad.

All of that being said, ranked the Titans line #14:

14. Tennessee Titans
The Titans are very young at both tackle positions but they are excited by the talent of third-year players Michael Roos and David Stewart, both of whom already have plenty of experience. They have a chance to become one of the best tackle combinations in the league over the next few years with their combination of size and athleticism. Center Kevin Mawae, who is in his 14th year, anchors the line and provides leadership along with 10-year veteran guard Benji Olson. They can show the younger players how to prepare for games as well as how to go after opponents. Offensive line coach Mike Munchak has done a very good job of assembling a unit that works well together and does not make many mistakes, evidenced by a 4.7-yard average on rushing attempts and just 29 sacks allowed.
I can't intelligently break down the 13 teams that are ranked ahead of the Titans, but I think the Titans have the chance to have the best line in the league.  Roos is a stud who will be entering his third year as a full time starter, Olson is still a solid guard with tons of experience, Mawae is the leader of the group, Bell is a versatile player that can play tackle or guard, and Stewart has one year under his belt and will only get better.