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Pacman Jones Makes It Rain, LenDale White Eats Steaks

Fisher should just ban his players from going to NBA All-Star games.  Nothing good comes from it.  There was an article in the Denver Post last week about LenDale and his weight issues.  The problem seemed to stem from a trip to Vegas for the NBA All-Star game:

"When you're in Las Vegas, you want to go to the nice steakhouses," he said. "It is what it is. It's nothing that can't be fixed."
He also says he doesn't have an eating problem.  He just took to much time off in the offseason:
"It's not that I have an eating problem," White said. "I'm not going to leave here and go to Wendy's and get 17 cheeseburgers. It's nothing like that. I know I can control myself.  When you're done with 16 weeks of the NFL, you want to relax," he said. "It's just grueling. Being a rookie, I didn't get the ball a lot. Your body's more tired. It's not like I'm hurting and can't get up. You're worn down. You need a break, but I overtook the break. I've learned from my mistakes, and it'll never happen again."
Vince still has confidence in LenDale:
"Whatever he puts his mind to, he can do it," Young said. "It's pretty much up to him. Everybody else has his back. I know what LenDale can do on the field. I've been looking forward to this season and him playing a lot and him reaching his dream as an NFL running back."
Hopefully LenDale has learned his lesson and put all of this behind him.  He seems to have "gotten it" ever since the missed OTA.  I am really looking forward to seeing these 3 guys battle it out in training camp.