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Hallelujah the Titans Are Getting New Grass at LP Field

The Titans have purchased new sod for LP Field.  The sod is coming from a company called Heritage Turf Farms in Georgia.  They are going to supply the Titans with 120,000 square feet of sod.  Some of the sod has already been transported and the rest will be brought in this month.

This might be the best news I have read all offseason.  The playing surface at the stadium has been an embarrassment to Nashville every December.  John Madden spent an entire Monday Night Football telecast ripping the field a few years back.  There have been years where they actually sprayed the surface green so it wouldn't look as bad on TV.

On top of it being an embarrassment to the city, it was also an injury hazard for the players.  The Titans have too much money invested in their players to have a crappy playing surface.  Can you imagine if Vince Young were to blow a knee because the field was bad?  That would set the franchise and Vince Young back for years.