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Filed under: Ranks the Tennessee Titans Receivers #31

The rankings for wide receivers are up and it isn't pretty.  I don't think any of us expected that it would be though.

31. Tennessee Titans
It was a tough call picking the worst group of receivers in the league between the Vikings and Titans. Tennessee lost Drew Bennett to free agency and that could really sting. The Titans signed David Givens before last season and his knee injury puts his ability to contribute still in jeopardy. They could use Givens in a big way, as he would provide a decent safety valve for Vince Young. Rookie Paul Williams is very inconsistent, but he was a nice risk for this team to take and he has a chance to surprise. Brandon Jones will see plenty of passes. He is physical and catches everything thrown his way. Tennessee has not done its young quarterback any favors with this group of targets.
I don't have a whole lot to add.  Paul Williams has the ability to be a star if he wants too.  I have faith that Vince Young can motivate him to play at his highest ability.

Beyond that, who knows?  Brandon Jones has shown flashes.  Hopefully he will finally climb over the hump and be a solid receiver.  Justin Gage has all of the physical tools to be good but hasn't shown it on the field yet.  I have confidence that someone will step up.  The scary/exciting part is not knowing who that someone will be.