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Scout's Inc. Ranks Tennesse Titans QBs Vince Young #26

Scout's Inc is going through the process of ranking all 32 NFL teams at every position.  They started with QB.  The Titans are ranked #26.  

26. Tennessee Titans
Vince Young played better than expected in his rookie season, but while he shows flashes of greatness, he is still far from a finished product. After a solid offseason, his accuracy and overall mechanics should dramatically improve. His decision making got better the more he played in 2006, but he still needs a lot of work reading defenses. Young has big-play capabilities and can turn a game around with his arm or his feet. He will likely be a feast-or-famine QB his entire career, but hopefully the big plays outnumber the bad ones. Kerry Collins did a nice job as a backup and mentor to Young last season, but he is no longer a viable starter. If the Titans keep three QBs (they kept only two in 2006), the third will be veteran Tim Rattay, a quality backup.
I don't disagree with most of what is written there.  I do however disagree vehemently with the sentence in italics.  This idea comes from the school of thought that Michael Vick and Vince Young are the same QB.  That is the school of though that most of the media subscribes.  There is only one problem with that school of thought, it is flat out wrong.  Here are the similarities between Michael Vick and Vince Young;
  1.  They are both quarterbacks.  
  2.  They are both black.  
  3.  They are both athletic.
That is where the similarities end.  Vince was a better passer coming into the league.  Vince has already shown that he looks to pass before he looks to run.  Vince is 6-5 while Vick is listed at 6-0.  He is actually closer to 5-10.  

Why in the world are the Raiders ranked #24???? Here is the reason given by Scout's Inc.:

The complexion of the QB position in Oakland dramatically changed on draft weekend. The Raiders not only selected JaMarcus Russell first in the draft, but also obtained veteran Josh McCown from Detroit. As talented as Russell is, he is new and has a lot to learn. It is likely McCown will be the starter in 2007 until Russell is ready, which could be at any point during the season. McCown is smart, efficient and won't make a lot of mistakes, but Russell's physical skills and arm strength are so superior, he could be brought along quicker than expected. Andrew Walter started several games in 2006 with marginal results, but he does have great experience for a No. 3 QB.
That is just stupid.  JaMarcus Russell wasn't that good in college.  He has a big arm and had a great game against Notre Dame.  That is it.  He truly is a project.

The Texans at #25 are also ranked ahead of the Titans.  I guess the people over there don't remember Scott Mitchell.  I am not saying that Matt Schaub is Scott Mitchell but there is always that chance.  I don't know how you rank that ahead of Vince Young and whoever the Titans backup QB is.  

This kind of stuff gets me really fired up.  I just can't wait to watch Vince prove them wrong on the field.