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Tennessee Titans 2006 Salary Cap Numbers

The USA today has a salary database that is pretty neat.  It breaks down the total payroll of each team.  It also has the actual amount of money each player made broken down between base salary, signing bonus and other bonuses.

The Titans were 26th in total payroll in 2006.  They paid out $89.8 million.  The Colts had the highest total payroll at $131.2 million.  That number probably has a lot to do with a lot of players having Super Bowl bonuses in their contracts.  Only 5 of the top 10 payroll teams made the playoffs.

If you just look at money paid per win, the Chicago Bears were the best investment in 2006.  They paid out just over $7 million per win.  The Washington Redskins were the worst investment, big shock, paying over $22 million per win. The Titans paid about $11.2 million per win.

The Tennessee Titans salary breakdown is somewhat interesting.  I had no idea that Peter Sirmon counted so much against the cap ($4.52 million).  That number takes into account salary, bonus and prorated signing bonus numbers.  

Of the $89.8 million the Titans paid out last year, about $9 million in big salaries didn't really help on the field.  That $9 million is made up of David Givens ($2 million), Erron Kinney ($2 million), Zach Piller ($3.52 million), and Andre Woolfolk ($1.59 million).  

The Titans will get a lot of cap relief this coming year with the loss of a suspended corner.  Assuming that his cap number in 2007 would have been close to what it was in 2006, the Titans will have an extra $4 million to spend.  This could really help the Titans if any players become available at a need position.  i.e. DEFENSIVE LINE

In other news, there is a new poll up.