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"Are We Playing in a 7 on 7 League Next Fall"

That is a quote from the email Zack sent me earlier today on learning of the news that former Seahawks CB Kelly Herndon is coming to Nashville for a visit.

I think we all realize that there are still some huge question marks in the secondary.  The only things we know for sure are Nick Harper will start at one CB position and that Chris Hope will start at SS.  Beyond that everything is wide open.  I don't see how brining a guy in that is a nickle specialist will help this team.  Finnegan did an outstanding job as playing that position last season.  The Titans also have Griffin, Hill, Eric King, Woolfolk, Nickey, Ryan Smith and Waddell as corners.  Now granted, some of those guys are bad and shouldn't be on the roster, but right now they are.

If they think Herndon can come in and start as the #2 corner, then by all means sign him, but if he is just another 3rd or 4th tier guy, it is pointless to even bring him in for a visit.