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Terry McCormick's Roster Review & SI's Fortunate 50

Terry McCormick has a breakdown of the Titans roster, as it stands right now, in this morning's City Paper.  There is not a whole lot of information there that we haven't discussed.  Who will step up and play corner, free safety, receiver and running back?  These are questions that really cannot be answered until training camp and the preseason.  At least we will have a real reason to watch preseason games.  Those games will go a long way in determining who gets the starting call in week 1 against the Jags.

In other sports news, Sports Illustrated has released there Fortunate 50, which is a list of the top 50 atheletes in 2006 earnings.  I thought this would provide some interesting discussion material today.  

Tiger Woods, of course, is #1 on the list.  The amazing thing about Woods is that he makes $100 million off the course in endorsements.  That is just silly.  If you look at numbers 2 through 6 on the list, their total endorsements are $105 million.

There are a few on the list that blew my mind.  Oscar De La Hoya is #2 with $53 million from boxing and $2 million in endorsements.  I would have not guessed De La Hoya at #2 if you gave me a hundred guesses.

Who knew Phil Mickelson made $47 million in endorsements?  I sure didn't.

Michelle Wie made $19.5 million in endorsements.  Why?  She really gets on my nerves.  Hey Michelle, win a women's tournament before you try to go play with the men.  Also, don't give me this crap about how you want to live a normal life and play college golf, and then 3 weeks later turn pro.

Vince Young comes in at #34 on the list.  He made $13.14 million from the Titans and $4 million in endorsements.  Watch for that endorsement number to go through the roof in the next 5 years.

Tom Brady only made just over $6 million from the Patriots last year.  The note says he gave up a $6 million option bonus so they would have the cap room for Randy Moss.  I dislike Tom Brady more than anyone not named Peyton, but you have got to respect that.

Update [2007-6-4 12:19:53 by Jimmy]:We were on TV!! Channel 2, the ABC affiliate here in Nashville, has a website that is dedicated to Nashville blogs, Nashville Is Talking. Each Friday the host of the site, Brittney Gilbert, does a round-up of what the Nashville blogs have been talking about during the week. This week's was about the Predators being sold. She used a quote from what I wrote here.