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Six Titans in's Fantasy Top 200 released it's top 200 fantasy players earlier this week.  I figured those of you who are playing against me in the MCM fantasy league could use the help.

Of Titans interest, there are 2 Titans in the top 200, Vince Young (75), Chris Brown (102), LenDale White (136), Brandon Jones (137), Chris Henry (154), and Bo Scaife (186).

Vince Young, who is 75th overall, is 9th among QB's.  It is hard to argue with 6 of the guys who are in front of him (Manning, Brees, Palmer, Brady, Bulger, and McNabb).  I don't understand why in the world they have Tony Romo ranked 6th.  He had 13 TD passes last year but only 6 in his last 5 games to go with 8 INTs.  People are always talking about the league figuring Vince out.  I think Romo is the one that got figured out.

The other guy that I question being ranked ahead of Vince is Matt Leinart (8).  I will grant you that this is a toss up.  I think Leinart will throw for more yards and touchdowns than Vince, but I think Vince's rushing yards and touchdowns will give him more fantasy points than Leinart.

It is funny that all 3 running backs are in the top 200.  This tells me 2 things, 1. Sports Illustrated has no more idea than anyone else who the Titans starter will be, and 2. Running backs are always over-valued.  I am not sure that I would draft any of these guys.  

Brandon Jones makes an appearance at 137 because they figure someone for the Titans has to catch the ball.  Jones had 4 TD catches last year.  He has never really had in fantasy value.  It is hard to tell what his value will be this year.  He is a sleeper.

Bo Scaife could be interchanged with Ben Troupe on this list.  I think that one of these guys is going to have a really good idea.  The unfortunate part for my fantasy drafting is I have no idea which guy it will be.  Troupe has shown the ability to be a huge threat in the passing game.  Scaife has shown himself to be a reliable target for Vince.  It will be interesting to see what kind of years those guys have.

The fantasy world seems to parallel the real world when it comes to the Titans.  Vince will have a solid to really good year for fantasy owners and the Titans.  Everything else is up in the air.