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The Drew Bennett Discussion

There is a great discussion about what the loss of Drew Bennett really means going on in White's "Would you rather?" diary.  Be sure and check that out.

Here is my 2 cents.  The loss of Drew Bennett, in and of itself, is not that big of a deal.  Bennett had 46 catches for 737 yards and 3 TD's last year.  Those numbers hardly set the world on fire.  He is, and always has been, a #2 receiver.  I am not trying to take anything away from what he accomplished here.  He had some great years, but he was always a little inconsistent.  I never thought it was right when people would get all over him for the drops though.  The guy was an undrafted free agent that didn't even play receiver in college.  Everything we got from him was gravy.  He was always a class act who never acted like a jerk.  He just went out and did the best he could every week.  I always respected him.

The problem with his loss for the Titans is there isn't another guy who has proven anything yet.  We are all counting on Brandon Jones to step up and be that #1, but word from the mini-camps is he is about the 4th best receiver thus far.  So that leaves the question of whom?  Every single guy left on the roster has questions.  Justin Gage has never had more than 31 catches in a year.  Roydell Williams and Cortney Roby haven't been able to stay healthy/get on the field when they have been healthy.  All of the rookies have upside but all have questions as well.

Another thing to keep in mind is there are two tight ends on this team that could be forces in the passing game.  If Scaife and Troupe can stay healthy, more passes will go there way.  This will give the receivers a little bit of time to come along.  I think you will see a lot of guys with decent catch numbers.  Spreading the ball around is going to be the key to the passing offense in 2007.