Who do you hate?

Kind of on the same theme as the previous diary.  Who is your least favorite team?  

Mine is by far the Ravens.  The arrogance they had when they beat the Titans and won the Super Bowl.  Billick in the locker room saying F- the Titans.  Ray Lewis and his murder.  Mason, Rolle, and McNair bolting to go there.  I absolutely hate everything about that team.  

#2- The Bears.  When I was young (10 years old and younger), I was more of a Bears fan than anything.  My Dad and brother were, so I went along with them.  Then one day I watched WArren Moon and the run-and-shoot and fell in love.  Now I can't stand the Bears.  Although I do respect what they did with TAnk.

#3- The Colts.  I am much closer to Indy than any other football team.  Most of the people around where I live are Colts fans (or Bears).  I get so sick of hearing about them and how great they are.  I do like Manning and Dungy, but I am ready for them to be a bad team again!