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Merril Hoge Hearts Vince

Wait, no, no he doesn't.  On a session of ESPN's Burning Questions last week, Merril was asked who the most overrated player in the league was.  I bet you can't guess who he picked....

Vince Young. The reason for this is simple. This is a guy who had a 66.7 quarterback rating (30th in the league ahead of only Bruce Gradkowski and Andrew Walter) and who threw more interceptions than touchdowns. Yet the expectations he faces this season are completely unfair to him because despite those terrible stats, he was 8-5 and made an amazing play against the Houston Texans.

This kid definitely has the ability to be a good quarterback in this league and maybe much more, but right now he's still young and trying to learn the game. Instead of being shepherded along slowly, he's being saddled with unreasonable expectations for a player who is playing without the Titans' best offensive and defensive players -- running back Travis Henry, now with the Denver Broncos, and cornerback Pacman Jones, who is suspended.

Hoge is taking baby steps.  At least he can now admit that Vince has the ability.  I can't wait to watch the "Edge NFL Match-up" before Vince's first Super Bowl.  Hoge will go on and on about how the Titans only shot to win will be if they "hide their quaterback."  I really don't know how that tool still has a job.  

Oh, and by the way, Keith Bulluck is and has been the Titans best defensive player.