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Friday Notes

Vince said yesterday about #32 what I have been saying all along.  He obviously doesn't care about the Titans.  It is time to move on.

We want him to know these guys over here, we love him a whole lot, but we feel like he don't care about us right now," Young said.  "At the same time, that's his issue. He has got to take care of his problem. We want him back here, to come back over here playing and making plays because he does a whole lot for our team, but as a team we are feeling like, 'Man, does he care about us over here?'"
Vince was wearing a brace on his leg but participated in the full practice.

There was a camera crew from 60 minutes at yesterday's practice.  They are working on a story about Vince.  They have not said yet when it will air.

Rien Long participated in his first practice since tearing his achillies last July.