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Pacman Jones Charged with 2 Counts of Felony Coercion

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This should do it.  #32 has been charged with 2 counts of felony coercion in the Las Vegas shooting, as mentioned by VY in this diary.  This should at least get him suspended for the 2008 season as well which would make him officially no longer the Titans problem.  I am glad that we will now be able to move on with our lives.  Hopefully the commissioner will make that announcement quickly.  You can tell at least the Fisher is done with #32:

"Again, as I said several days ago, these are his issues. We have moved on and we will continue to move on. ... As far as I am concerned it's no longer our business. Those are his issues and he has to deal with the commissioner's rules and we have moved on. ... From a personal standpoint you wish him the best, but from a professional standpoint he certainly let us down so we have moved on. ... I don't have any expectation to talk to him."

Maybe this time we can actually move on.  When the commissioner levies more punishment that will be mentioned but any further incidents will not.