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Something to Get You Going this Morning

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Pete Prisco of CBS Sportsline put out a list of an overrated and underrated player on each team.  Here is what he put for the Titans:


QB Vince Young. Is it crazy to put a second-year player in this spot? Maybe. But he isn't close to being the quarterback some say he is. He can't pass the football consistently yet, but most would make you think otherwise. Give him time.


LT Michael Roos. He isn't Pro Bowl caliber yet, but this young player has a chance to be a nice starting player for a long time.

Let me start by saying Michael Roos is an excellent choice.  I think he is already Pro Bowl caliber.  He should be the anchor the left side of the Titans line for many, many years.

Now on to the overrated selection.  I am starting to like Vince's doubters.  Vince has to know about his critics out there.  Some guys would sulk about that, but we all know that it will only make him better.

It is obvious that Vince has room to improve.  He needs to prove his passing efficiency.  That is really no secret.  Keep this in mind, he was a rookie.  Have any rookies come in and set the league on fire with their passing efficiencies?  The answer is no.  The bottom line is Vince wins games.  All of the doubters can say what they want about stats, but at the end of the day wins are all that matter.  He elevates the play of every other player on the field.  I will take that any day over a good QB rating.