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Pacman Still Making It Rain

As mentioned by VY in this diary, #32 is wanted for questioning for the 4,322nd time since becoming a Titans.  Although the details are a little sketchy at this point, it seems like more of the same.  Someone makes him mad at a club, a fight starts and sometime later shots are fired.  

Remember when #32 told the commissioner he was going to stay out of night clubs?  Remember that self-imposed 12:00 curfew?  I guess all of that is out the window at this point.  This should be enough for Goddell to go ahead and make the suspension the whole season, so we can quit talking about the back in game 11 crap.

Why is this guy still on the Titans roster?  It has been a couple of months since his suspension and he is already in trouble again.  How many more times will he be in trouble before he gets a chance to come back?  I put the over under at 5.  I'll take the over.  He can't control himself or his entourage.  He has no desire to keep the promises he made about turning his life around.  GET RID OF HIM!!

People were praising him last week because he dropped his appeal.  I was hesitant to be excited about the so-called "positive step" because we have seen things that we thought were positive steps before.  They never are.  He doesn't get it.  He's not going to get it until he something happens that scares him straight.  I just hope that scare doesn't take his life.  Regardless, it is time for him to be someone else's problem.