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Pacman Jones Drops His Appeal

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These things always happen while I am at lunch.  Thanks to go titans27 for getting the post up in this diary.   #32 has indeed dropped his appeal of his season long suspension.  #32 released a statement about his reasons for dropping the appeal:

"I understand my responsibilities to my teammates, the Titans and my fans and I am committed to turning my life around and being a positive member of the NFL," Jones said in a statement issued by his agent."  "Last week, I asked for an opportunity to meet privately with commissioner Goodell."  I met with him earlier today to tell him about the steps I have taken to change my life since being suspended by the NFL. I accept the discipline that's been imposed on me and I am withdrawing my appeal."
This is not just a whim by #32.  I have a feeling that the commissioner had already informed him that the suspension would not be reduced.  I also think that he realized the Titans are committed to move on without him.  His best course of action is to get out of the news until week 10 and pray for reinstatement at that point.  

Now we can forget about him until then.  I plan on not mentioning his name or number until that point.  We will approach the subject again if it becomes obvious that he will not get reinstated because of more trouble or when the time for reinstatement is approaching.  Now on with the 2007 season.