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Michael Griffin Still a Corner?

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The article by Paul Kuharsky in this morning's Tennessean says that he is.  I will be honest, I don't understand this.  Why are you going to bring in another corner and still try to make Griffin a corner?  Move him back to his natural position and let him get comfortable there.  In a year or so the Titans could have one of, if not the, best secondary combinations in the game.

Here is one encouraging nugget from that same article:

"We weren't necessarily looking for another corner," he said. "But when Kelly became available it was something we had to consider and we would do that at most of the positions on our team, especially defensive end and wide receiver. ... If something is available, we'll move on it."
At least they know we need help at those 2 positions.  I think the need at end is much greater than receiver.  The end position is a little thin numbers wise as well as talent wise.  At receiver there are plenty of guys to chose from.

As far as the discussion yesterday about #32, I agree with what everyone said.  If there is no more trouble, the Titans will welcome him back with open arms.  He is to good of a player to just cast out.  I do really like that the Titans have decided to go forward as if he won't be here though.  Counting on him would be like counting on Kerry Wood and Mark Prior.  We have all seen how well that worked out for the Cubs.