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John Clayton's Big Questions

John Clayton has a column at about the biggest question for each AFC team.  Here is his question for the Titans:

Can Vince Young get better at quarterback if the Titans' skill positions around him look weaker?

The Titans head into their minicamps with a lot of changes on offense. Wide receivers Drew Bennett and Bobby Wade and halfback Travis Henry are gone. Chris Brown remains unsigned and it is not known if he will be back. LenDale White is the starting halfback at the moment, but he has reportedly ballooned to 260 pounds this offseason.

The Titans did draft speedy running back Chris Henry in the second round, but the backfield clearly isn't as deep as it was a year ago. The receiving corps also seems a little thin. Young won Rookie of the Year honors by running around and moving the chains with timely throws. If new weapons don't emerge, it could be hard for him to repeat his success in 2007.

I agree with that being the question but with a little twist.  My question would be:

Who is going to step up on offense to be a playmaker with Vince Young?

Vince will get better.  He is a competitor so I am sure he has been working his butt off in the offseason.  I expect him to be leaps and bounds better this year.  

Who will help him?  There are a lot of candidates but there has to be someone to step up and do it.  I think that is the biggest question for the team.

What is your biggest question for this team?