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Joel Filani, WR, Texas Tech

Filani is the definition of a possesion receiver.  He runs great routes, has good hands and makes the tough catch underneath or over the middle.  He has already played in a complex offense so he shouldn't have much trouble picking up the play book.  He has the size, 6-2" 216, to be a very effective receiver in the red zone. He had a great college career with 2,626 yards and 23 TDs.

The biggest knock on Filani is his speed.  He ran 4.71 so he doesn't have the speed to be a down the field receiver.  If used correctly he could be a very effective receiver without going down the field.  He also tends to lack concentration at times.  That is something that can be fixed.

His draft page compares him to Eric Moulds.  I think if Filani has a career as successful as Moulds, we will all be thrilled.

Two notes; 1.  I will be joining John Bena of Mile High Report tonight for his weekly "radio" show.  Click on the link below to listen.  The show starts at 9 central. I should be on around 9:15.

The second note is that I will be starting my own radio show with sometime next week.  I will fill you in on the details when they become available.  I look forward to being able to actually talk to some of you as you will be able to call in.  Even you White :)