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Antonio Johnson, DT, Mississippi State

I think it is a bad sign when you can't find a picture of the guy playing football.

While the pick of Chris Henry was surprising, this pick blew my mind.  In 2 years at Mississippi State Johnson started 5 games.  5!!  He is a guy with a lot of upside thought.  He is very quick and has the ideal size to be a defensive tackle (6-3 305).  

He seems to have a little bit of trouble picking up the playbook though.  He also seems to have trouble recognizing what is going on while the play is developing.  There are some technique issues as well but those can be worked out.

Johnson is another wait and see guy.  There is a lot of physical ability there.  Can Jim Washburn and the other coaches make him a quality NFL player?

Update [2007-5-8 14:43:44 by Jimmy]: There is a picture of him playing football on The Tennessean website. There is one out there. That is a good sign.