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Pacman's Appeal

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The Tennessean has obtained a copy of the appeal sent to the NFL for Pacman.  Click here to view it. (PDF)

There are a couple of interesting points to be made.  If you notice on page 1 of the appeal, there are 4 incidents mentioned:

  1.  2/6/06 Charged with obstruction of officers (Pending)
  2.  8/25/06 Charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication (Deferred)
  3.  2/6/06 Failure to report charged with obstruction of officers (Pending)
  4.   3/23/06 Failure to report charged with marijuana possession (Dismissed)
The Las Vegas incident is nowhere to be found in this appeal.  This means the commissioner didn't even take that event into account when issuing the year long suspension.  

If charges are ever actually filed in Vegas, Pacman will be gone for a lot longer than a year.  He would probably get at least half of 2008 as well.  

I don't think there are ever going to be any charges filed in Vegas.  That is such a high profile case that if they had anything charges would already be filed.  I am not trying to say that Pacman didn't have any fault in the issue, but if he played the role in the shooting that the co-owner of the club claimed he did, there would already be charges against him.

The appeal goes on to list 300 incidents that NFL players have been involved in since 2000.  The lawyer's for Pacman say many of these incidents are as bad, if not worse, than the incidents Pacman has been involved in, yet none of these guys were suspended for a year.

I don't think any of this is going to make a difference.  The commissioner is making a statement.  I don't see him being convinced to go back on that.